lundi 9 avril 2012


A month ago, Mix80 ask me to re-upload this 7"... Have a nice trip man !

Link : Rocky Underground - Groovy

4 commentaires:

  1. Thanks a lot my dear friend in the another side of the Atlantic. This track was a top hit here in argentina. But the real name was change to avoid the copyrights and used in a lot of pirate and bootlegs medleys. I found the real name follow the label "Carabine" by another tracks in the same medley by Christine Corda and Alain Patrick. I have searching this track since 1975 !!! Was a totally freaking work, because this track never was included in any chart (Billboard,Chash Box,etc...). Thanks again Frog'N'Roll for make me so happy. Regards from argentina.

  2. Brave petite grenouille
    Quand tu remonteras le long de ton échelle (ou bien les barrettes de manche de guitare), auras-tu (à nouveau) la gentillesse de remonter ce titre rare et alléchant.

    Signé un "batracienphile" qui remercie Frog'n'roll

  3. Salut Algernon, ce 45t a décidément beaucoup de succès, je le re-up très bientôt... Merci pour ton message et ta "batracienphilie"...