mercredi 21 avril 2010


Another scarce record from Belgium now with Stefan. I don't know exactly who was this kid, certainly a pure marketing product, produced by a certain Plastic Bertrand boosted by the international success of "Ça plane pour moi". Yeah, Stefan was a miniature replica of Plastic, the "mini-me" of Bertrand. The two tracks recorded on this single are pure punk rock with a gnome on vocals... terrific !

Link : Stefan - J'suis pas méchant

vendredi 16 avril 2010

LEGEND - S/T (1988)

Obscures bands offer me a great advantage, i don't have to make a long speech about them an that's so much the better because i speak a very bad English. Legend was an heavy metal band from Longwy. This single is their only one, obviously hard to find now and apparently very expensive in the marketplace... Nothing else to say about it... have a nice trip !

Link : Legend - S/T

lundi 12 avril 2010


Let's change one's style now with this obscure piece of ska. I don't know who was under the pseudonym Bobbie Sax. This single is the only one he made, also printed on 12" format. The A side is a cover of Chuck Rio's Tequila.

Link : Bobbie Sax - Tequila

jeudi 8 avril 2010


Can't find a lot of informations about Billy Birdy except that he is a French rockabilly singer, songwriter, guitarist, painter... he even makes beautiful model boats. Bravo Billy ! This single is his first record, out in 1982.

Link : Billy Birdy - Où est le rock ?

samedi 3 avril 2010

CYCLOPE - S/T (1982)

Ok my last post was crap, let's move on to serious matters now. Cyclope was a band from Montmorency, formed in the late 70's. This EP is their first, out in 1982. The band's got a little fame in 1984 when the second record, including a rock version of Edith Piaf's "L'hymne à l'amour", was released. The band split off in 1993, after 6 albums, and re-form in 2007 for several gigs.

Link : Cyclope - S/T

jeudi 1 avril 2010

LA NEGRA BOUCH'BEAT/LA MANO VERDA - C'est toi que je t'aime (1991)

Today is april fools'day, then, let's go for an hoax ! This band was a fake, created by a bunch of three comedians called "Les Inconnus" (the Unknows in English, not to be confused with Bruce Joyner's band !). In france The Unknows were very famous from mid 80's to mid 90's. Their sketches were mainly parodys of TV shows, TV reports, stupids popular games, etc... Here they make fun of "Alternatives" french bands like La Mano Negra and Elmer Fool Beat, but they also laught at Hard Rock, New Wave and Rap music styles...

Link : La Negra Bouch'Beat/Mano Verda - C'est toi que je t'aime