mardi 17 mai 2011

GANGSTER - S/T (1982)

No informations about Gangster. This unique single was out in 1982 on FLVM, that's all folks !

Link : Ganster - S/T

vendredi 6 mai 2011


This split 7" with Caca & Cartouch was out in 2002 on Mayo Records, "the total DIY label with home made sleeves." All the label's products were coloured vinyls, sometimes in accord with the packaging. For example the Oursonik/Tragic Vilnius split 7" was a brown wax wrapped in a sleeve made with toilet paper. Check the label's website to see (and to listen) the rest of Mayo Records productions. No informations concerning the bands, Caca (means poo-poo in french baby talk) plays a song by Cartouch and vice versa. According to the handwritten note on the front cover we are in presence of two psychedelic texan bands, but i have doubts about that ! More infos welcome...

Link : Caca / Cartouch - Split


Out now on Mémoire Neuve !