vendredi 22 octobre 2010


A simple white paper sleeve, on which drawing and letters seem to be made with ink pads... If i take this database as point of reference (or that one perhaps), this record was out in 1983, on the label FLVM. FLVM are initial letters of "Faites Le Vous Même" it means "Do it yourself"...

Link : Baxter - Partir

jeudi 7 octobre 2010


Elisabeth Wiener was born in 1946. Daughter of the composer Jean Wiener, she began a career as an actress when she was 15. She also took part in musical shows with Polnareff and Higelin and was involved in the band Phoenix before she started a solo carrer. She wrote for many singers, and composed several films scores. In 1992 she founded the female group Castafiore Bazooka. Actually she no longer appear on screen but she dub voices of americans actress such Jamie Lee Curtis, Glenn Close, Mia Farrow...

Link : Elisabeth Wiener - S/T


Out now on Euthanasie Records, repress of the unique Reich Orgasm LP, originally pressed on Chaos Productions in 1984. 7 original titles + 2 extra tracks extract from compilations LP Chaos en France - volume 1 & Chaos in Europe + Insert...

Repress in LP Format of the Kidnap EP "Il faudra bien qu'un jour tout change", also pressed in 1984 on Chaos Productions. 4 originals titles + 5 extra tracks + Insert.