jeudi 1 avril 2010

LA NEGRA BOUCH'BEAT/LA MANO VERDA - C'est toi que je t'aime (1991)

Today is april fools'day, then, let's go for an hoax ! This band was a fake, created by a bunch of three comedians called "Les Inconnus" (the Unknows in English, not to be confused with Bruce Joyner's band !). In france The Unknows were very famous from mid 80's to mid 90's. Their sketches were mainly parodys of TV shows, TV reports, stupids popular games, etc... Here they make fun of "Alternatives" french bands like La Mano Negra and Elmer Fool Beat, but they also laught at Hard Rock, New Wave and Rap music styles...

Link : La Negra Bouch'Beat/Mano Verda - C'est toi que je t'aime

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