lundi 27 septembre 2010

ASPRO 5000 - S/T (1993)

I quote (that's easier !) : "Founded at college time, at the end of 1986 in Bordeaux by Bruno Lacaussague (drums), Bruno Aymar (guitar) and Pierre Poirier (voice), ASPRO 5000 is considered to be the first hardcore band of the city. Influenced by the international punk hardcore of the Eighties and the beginning of grindcore, DRI, DISCHARGE, NAPALM DEATH, scandinavian punk, French of KROMOZOM 4, RAPT, etc… The band makes some noisy and chaotic appearances for confidential gigs (the countryside of Angouleme, celebrates music, pubs and rotten festivals of Bordeaux) with the will to hit hard and fast, to saturate the amplifiers, to radically dissociate with the useless rock local scene of the time and without being caught either with serious in the lyrics. With the arrival of Romain Quinsac (guitar) and the departure of Bruno (guitar), the band temporarily changes name into A.C.M.E and takes more structured orientation. Followed by several gigs at the Jimmy, Blueberry, Tonneau, l’Ecume des jours for the first parts of BRAINDEATH, HOAX, PLEUM, RWA, PLAIES MOBILES, SUFFOCATION, etc…

The band records its second demo tape in 1989 and sold it at fifty copies. A title for compilation EP vinyl Panx will follow. After a change in pastiche grindcore (CLIMAXIZATOR), the band split up in 1990, due to musical divergences. Pierre (voice) will join ESCARE, Romain (guitar) will found DROWNED and Bruno (drums) will begin a new project with Yvon (Corbeaux du Reichstag) who will become GLU, Pierre will join project later. In 1993, a posthumous EP was produced including tracks of the two demo’s tapes and a live recorded anyhow which will be sold-out in 6 months. The band has been never reformed and will be it probably never." Source...

Link : Aspro 5000 - S/T

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  1. Pour ceux/celles qui voudraient avoir ce EP, il reste des copies chez REACT ( à moins de 3 euros.

  2. Salut Anonyme, j'ai rajouté ta distro dans mes liens... ++